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Develop in detail according to your business characteristics

Service characteristics

In the whole process of providing product services and technical support to customers, we will spare no effort to serve you with the conscientious, meticulous, conscientious and responsible spirit and persistent working attitude.

Cooperation period

Follow up with you after completion of the project to establish permanent follow-up maintenance

Experience design

Stick to your core design principles and dig out your conscious but imperceptible cold contacts through scientific design methods. The popular and visual interactive interface can effectively restore the real scene, continuously track the user feedback, and jointly output the extreme user experience.

service The scope of

To provide you with ideal products, let your ideas landing

Web site development

Development of official website, CMS, BBS, SNS, backstage, e-commerce and other system websites

WeChat development

Development of WeChat public number, applet, WeChat payment scheme, etc

App development

Development of iPhone apps, iPad apps, iWatch apps, Android apps, mobile screen solutions, etc

Reptile development

With crawlers we can get a lot of value data to get information that is not available in perceptual knowledge.

Blockchain technology

Customized blockchain development services such as arbitrage, fixed investment, futures, market analysis, data collection, etc.

Custom development

According to your requirements, you can tailor a series of software to meet your actual application

development case

  • All
  • website
  • WeChat
  • APP
  • Reptile
  • Blockchain technology
  • Custom

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The core team

Domain elite set up service Internet business team

String ChangThe architect

rocky LiuSenior server engineer

Lax zhaoSenior engineer

Billy LiuOperation and maintenance engineer